shipping $5 for one item & 8.50 for two or more!



If you are new here, Welcome!💕 We are SO glad you’re here! This business is truly my passion, and what I LOVE to do!

-I make sizing videos for each piece. I’m a size 8/10, 36 DD, 5’4, and a size medium/large in a top. For example, if im wearing the small, then that means that the item runs bigger, IMO. Go join our Facebook page to watch our sizing videos.
-Quantities are limited. Period. That’s just how the process works. You win some. You lose some.
- There is no reserve for your cart, so items aren’t saved in your cart. So, it’s your responsibility to check out in a timely manner. Ive tried reserves, and nothing works. So, again, this is how the process works. Not gonna lie, you have to be quick. A lot of my customers love the adrenaline!

(There’s so many of my customers who place multiple orders because they have better luck at getting their items by doing this. So, anything over the $8.50 shipping charge will be refunded Sunday night after the sales)

-Don’t be ugly if you don’t get something you want. We are all adults, and here to have fun!

-If you happen to recieve a refund, it’s due to a quantity issue. Mistakes happen, so please be respectful if you receive a refund! Please allow a few business days for the refund to fully process.

-I do shut down the website Saturday and Sunday afternoon to prepare for each sale. It will reopen both days at 8pm eastern.
- Be sure to download our app in the App Store!❤️

Damaged products;
Please notify us within 7 days via email, It is your responsibility to examine the products to ensure nothing is wrong with the item. Any messages about a product after 7 days, will not be refunded.

-I am not responsible for lost mail! You must contact USPS with issues over this.
-I do allow my customers to repost the items that don’t work for them on this page and on our BST group page.
-if you receive a defective product, please email within 5 days of receiving your order about this issue. I do ask that you send pictures of the issue.

Please, if you resell/buy an item:
-provide the customer with a tracking.
-I also do ask that you pay by PayPal invoices to ensure that your purchase is covered! I’m not responsible for resell items!
-mail out in 2-3 days!
-be respectful of that customer, and always communicate with them.

If you fail to do these things it will result in being blocked/removed from the group.

-I do ask that you keep this email for strictly order related issues!